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    Re: Cyrillic Alphabet And Russian Sextant Designations
    From: Alexandre Eremenko
    Date: 2005 Feb 14, 16:50 -0500

    Dear Joel,
    > I conceed, that you are right that your
    > eye would not be able to focus on the wires.
    This has nothing to do with the eye.
    This has to do with telescope construction.
    > However, both the objective
    >and occular lenses of many sopes of tubular design simply unscrew.
    >simple sleeve insert could be added with crossed wires behind the
    >objective lens if someone wanted to go to the trouble.
    This is possible ONLY with Kepler/prizmatic scopes.
    A Galileo scope (which ALL modern sextants are equipped with)
    has its focus OUTSIDE of the tube. Worse, it is BEHIND your eye.
    There is NO way to attach the wires to a Galileo scope.
    >Your other point are dubious. If there is no Roman/Latin? eqivalent
    There is no such equivalent and cannot be.
    Because there are 32 letters in Cyrillic alphabet.
    There are (many, unfortunately) systems of coding
    Cyrillic letters by Latin, but (inevitably) they have to
    code some letters with dyphtongs" (2 or more letter conbinations)
    (In ALL systems, Latin S, N, O and T are equivalent to
    Russian C, H, O and T, according to PRONOUNCIATION).
    All these coding systems are PHONETIC. (Based on pronounciation,
    not on the visual similarity).
    > I think your SNO-M must be a Russian forgery. ;-)
    I don't have a SNO-M. I was refering to YOUR SNO-M,
    you posted on the web (in connection with the prizmatic scopes
    you advertised recently). What is easily seen on your posted
    pictures is a big (hudge) letter "Shch" on the index arm,
    close to the veriner assembly.
    I wonder how you would describe this letter to an
    English-speaking person who does not know Cyrillic alphabet:-)
    That's why I think your system (based on visual resemblence)
    is not rational.
    Let's take a simple example for demonstration purposes.
    Suppose you have a Japanese sextant, with label in Japanese.
    Suppose you know that this label means (and pronounced, approximately)
    "Tamaya". Would you advertise it as "Tamaya",
    or will you look for a visual similarity between
    Japanese letters and Latin letters?
    Another example: my native city name sounds as "Kharkov",
    and this is the way it is written on the maps.
    When written in Russian it looks like "XAPbKOB".
    Which version would you prefer to communicate the name
    of the city to English-speaking people who do not know
    Cyrillic alphabet?

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