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    Catalogue of Stars. Part 1.
    From: Andrew Nikitin
    Date: 2024 Jul 6, 15:53 -0700

    Under the sky where stars do dance,
    Alpheratz in Andromeda's trance.
    Ankaa gleams with a fiery spark,
    In Phoenix's wings through the inky dark.

    Schedar shines with a regal grace,
    In Cassiopeia's stellar space.
    Diphda dips in the ocean's night,
    A mystery in Cetus's light.

    Achernar stands at the river's end,
    Where Eridanus's paths all bend.
    In this sky, where wonders are,
    Alpheratz, Ankaa, Schedar, Diphda, Achernar.


    Under the sky, the stars we see,
    Hamal in Aries shines bright and free.
    Acamar gleams at Eridanus's end,
    Guiding the river's celestial bend.

    Menkar in Cetus, a giant star,
    Shines in the ocean from afar.
    Mirfak lights up Perseus's field,
    A hero's light, a cosmic shield.

    Aldebaran in Taurus's eye,
    A fiery red in the nighttime sky.
    In this sky, where wonders align,
    Hamal, Acamar, Menkar, Mirfak, Aldebaran shine.


    Under the sky where stars are bright,
    Rigel in Orion shines with might.
    Capella in Auriga's domain,
    A charioteer’s guide through the night's refrain.

    Bellatrix, a warrior's star,
    In Orion's belt, seen from afar.
    Elnath in Taurus, at the tip,
    Guiding the bull on its stellar trip.

    Alnilam, in Orion's belt so grand,
    Midpoint bright in the hunter's band.
    In this sky, a cosmic glam,
    Rigel, Capella, Bellatrix, Elnath, Alnilam.


    Under the sky where stars are muse,
    Betelgeuse in Orion, a red giant's hues.
    Canopus in Carina, second so bright,
    A beacon guiding in the southern night.

    Sirius in Canis Major, the brightest star,
    Shining like a diamond, seen from afar.
    Adhara, also in the great dog’s reign,
    A celestial gem in the night’s domain.

    Procyon in Canis Minor gleams,
    A tiny dog star in the night’s dreams.
    In this sky, a stellar con,
    Betelgeuse, Canopus, Sirius, Adhara, Procyon.

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