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    Catalogue of Stars. Part 2.
    From: Andrew Nikitin
    Date: 2024 Jul 7, 08:38 -0700

    Under the sky where constellations talk,
    Pollux shines bright in Gemini's walk.
    Avior in Carina, a southern light,
    Guiding sailors through the night.

    Suhail in Vela, with a radiant glow,
    In the ship's sails, its light does show.
    Miaplacidus in Carina's domain,
    A star that calms like gentle rain.

    Alphard in Hydra, a serpent's heart,
    A lone bright star, set apart.
    In this sky, where stories guard,
    Pollux, Avior, Suhail, Miaplacidus, Alphard.


    Under the sky where stories dwell,
    Regulus in Leo, the lion's spell.
    Dubhe in Ursa Major's frame,
    Guiding the bear with a timeless flame.

    Denebola at Leo’s tail end,
    A bright star where the lion’s path bends.
    Gienah in Corvus, the raven's flight,
    A celestial bird in the night.

    Acrux in Crux, the Southern Cross,
    A guide through the night, no star is lost.
    In this sky, where wonders mix,
    Regulus, Dubhe, Denebola, Gienah, Acrux.


    Under the sky where stars align,
    Gacrux in Crux, a southern sign.
    Alioth in Ursa Major's sweep,
    In the Great Bear, its light runs deep.

    Spica in Virgo, a harvest’s light,
    Shining brightly in the night.
    Alkaid at the Dipper’s end,
    Guiding the tail as the heavens bend.

    Hadar in Centaurus, a guiding star,
    Shining brightly, seen from afar.
    In this sky, a cosmic char,
    Gacrux, Alioth, Spica, Alkaid, Hadar.


    Under the sky where starlight's sent,
    Menkent in Centaurus is bent.
    Rigil Kentaurus, the Centaur's pride,
    Closest star in the cosmic tide.

    Arcturus in Bootes shines so bright,
    A shepherd’s guide through the night.
    Zubenelgenubi in Libra’s scale,
    Balancing the night with its tale.

    Kochab in Ursa Minor's embrace,
    Guiding the little bear through space.
    In this sky, where wonders spark,
    Menkent, Rigil Kentaurus, Arcturus, Zubenelgenubi, Kochab mark.

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